Experiments in space

Astronaut Tim Peake will begin his sixth-month mission on the International Space Station in December 2015, becoming the first British ESA astronaut to visit the Station. He will be involved in many experiments aboard the ISS during this time.

Research in space crosses many different subjects – the unique environment of the ISS offers a great opportunity to investigate novel materials, life in space, the human body, fluid physics, new technologies and many other things.

It is not only the weightlessness which scientists make use of: extreme radiation, vacuum, isolation and many other factors can be used to study physical and psychological effects in a new way.

UK scientists are making important contributions to the truly international work on board the International Space Station.  This work will improve life on Earth, for instance by developing new medical techniques, or strong, lightweight materials.  It will also help space agencies to plan for future space missions, beyond the Earth’s orbit and on to destinations such as the Moon or Mars.

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